The Queer Arcana Homebase is a Queer Space which hosts weekly Dungeons&Dragons sessions, as well as Drag Make-up Workshops!

Dungeons & Dragons

Join us (almost) every Wednesday for a night of queer D&D, hosted by Game Masters with affinity in navigating queer spaces! Open to anyone!

Drag Workshops

Join us every other week for Drag Make-Up Workshops: Join our transformation table where you can learn how to Drag! (Any gender expression)

Join us every other week at the Third Table: a table where GM’s can experiment with new TTRPG’s and boardgames other than D&D.

The Space

The Queer Arcana D&D sessions and Makeup workshops are hosted at ACU, a political cultural center in the center of Utrecht.

Queer Arcana and ACU are inclusive spaces, you can read the house rules here:

There is more in the works for the next season! The third TTRPG table as well as new dates for D&D and Drag Workshops.

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