Call of Cthulhu: The Séance

January 24th, 2024
19:00 – 22:00
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This week Marqui will play Call of Cthulhu!

Marqui has been running Call of Cthulhu for 4 years and will be introducing the game to the players of the Queer Arcana Homebase! The Call of Cthulhu TTRPG is a roleplaying game set in a version of “our world”, a mystery horror universe playing with themes of cosmic horrors, with stories ranging from themes from Indiana Jones to that jazzy noir vibe from old detective movies. It’s all about the suspense as the players, who are ordinary people and no heroes, uncover cosmic horrors and face the limits of their sanity.


About this one-shot: The Séance

In the shadowed corridors of a bustling city, an enigmatic church casts an eerie shadow over an apartment complex. Two weeks ago, a mysterious event unfolded within the sanctuary’s walls, leaving a group of its congregation in a collective coma and the local authorities have been baffled, unable to unearth any leads to this event. The worst part? Your best friend’s girlfriend attended that congregation now remains in an unshakable slumber. With a growing obsession for answers, she propose a risky and unorthodox solution: a séance to communicate with the spirits of the afflicted, hoping that the otherworldly may hold the key to solving the crime and find a cure. With your own motivations and driven to help your friend, you agree to participate in that séance.

Content warnings: horror and gore (dead people and body fluids)

Character creation: Bellow are some of pre-made characters you can pick, these are ready to use and stats will be available at the start of the game. But you can also create your own character If you’d like. You can find information for character creation in the added links and videos. If you do create your own character, find a motivation for your character to participate in the séance…

The following pre-made characters can be chosen (names and gender identity may be changed, but profession/class is fixed). Note in the comment box your choice or whether your create your own character.

Hayne Everet (Engineer): Hayne’s brother has recently perished, they were hoping that in the séance you maybe get to talk to them one last time and say goodbye. Hayne is a calculative, smart and brusque individual with a fondness for a good drink.

Lynn Dale (Artist): Lynn got in a disagreement with your best friend recently and quite regrets this, they are looking to make emends. Lynn is always toting around a sketchbook around and is a fairly cheerfully, inquisitive person and has a weak stomach.

Juli Meltin (Nurse): Juli is a skeptic and is worried your friend is acting ridiculous and might be going a bit too far, but they are there for their friends because they deeply care about them. Juli may be a bit of an airhead and prone to daydreaming, but when it comes to nursing they’re competent and reliable.

Carolyne Tate (Bartender):Caroline is a person who does not like to be alone and hopes that this experience will bring them closer to your friends. They are not entirely sure if your friends enjoy your company or just the drinks. Caroline has a strong aversion to germs (mysophobia) and can be a bit of a pessimist, but you have a knack for adding a slangy and colorful twist to her words whenever you speak.

Morgan Grey (Teacher): Morgan is a history professor with a fascination for the occult and the unexplained. They’re driven by a thirst for knowledge and seek to unravel the mysteries behind the comatose church members. Morgan is a bit of an introvert but they are inquisitive and known for their knack in asking the right questions, even if they don’t expect an answer back.


Fee: €5 at the door. Pin available.

Preparations: For this adventure you can choose from  the pre-made characters, or create your own. Call of Cthulhu uses a d100 system, so bring percentile dice.

Useful links: A quick-start guidebook with the rules can be found here. The following videos show these rules visually and several facets of the game that can be encountered.



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