House Rules

House Rules Queer Arcana

  • The DM has a final say when it comes to the rules. Even if you think the DM misinterpreted the rules, the DM gets to make a ruling on all situations.
  • The Arcana Homebase will function with a “traffic light” system. Read more here.
  • We have a hard content limit on in-game themes of homophobia, transphobia, sexism and real world rasicm.
  • Your character advances to new levels based on completed adventures, you finish an adventure in one session. You start at level 1 for your first adventure and are able to level up your character every other adventure. The maximum allowed level is level 5.

Report Negative Experiences

Did you have a negative or uncomfortable experience with any of the Queer Arcana staff? We have confidants outside of the organisation you can talk to:

  • Rue (21) is a student at the HKU and can be reached via email at: or via discord at rue#1347

House rules ACU

We want ACU to be a nice and as safe as possible place where people can enjoy themselves. To achieve this we have some house rules. We hope you enjoy your time with us!

  • No harassment. We have a zero-tolerance policy against racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia or any other form of psychological or physical oppression, discrimination, exclusion, violence or harassment. If you violate this policy, you will be asked to leave and risk a bar ban.
  • No drugs. We have zero tolerance for hard drugs. If you are spotted using hard drugs, you will be asked to leave and risk a bar ban.
  • 99% Vegan. Please do not bring meat or fish into ACU.
  • No smoking. Ever since 2019 it’s not allowed to smoke inside ACU.
  • No pets. Pets like dogs have sensitive ears, so when ACU is busy and the music is loud, this is not the best place for them. It is impossible for us to provide a safe and comfortable environment for any animal.
  • No photography. Please don’t take photos or videos of people unless everybody in the frame has explicitly agreed to have their image taken. A night is more fun without phones anyway.
  • Be quiet outside. We try to maintain a good relation with our neighbors and keep disturbance as minimal as possible. We also risk a fine if people take their cups or bottles outside, so this is not allowed.
  • Cash preferred.
  • ACU has a form of electronic payment in the bar. But we prefer using cash!
  • Follow instructions from staff. All ACU staff are working on a voluntary basis to keep you and other guests happy and safe. It is not likely at all that you will be asked to follow any instructions, but if it happens, we expect you to cooperate.
  • ACU aims to be fully inclusive, but unfortunately the design of the building makes some parts of the venue inaccessible for people in wheelchairs. However, it is possible to join one of our nights at ACU if you are in a wheelchair. Let us know beforehand via email and we will make the right arrangements for everyone to have a fun night. Please keep in mind that there are no wheelchair accessible toilets present in the building.

If you have been harassed or feel that you are a victim of discrimination or were mistreated by a guest or a volunteer, please let us know by filling in this form, or ask a volunteer present for assistance.