What is D&D?

 Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game, where you, together with friends, create characters to form a fantasy adventuring party. The Dungeon Master, who will narrate the setting and the situations, will help you and your friends be immersed into epic tales of courage, comradery, vulnerability and growth. 

How do I make a character?

Making a D&D character can be daunting. The game has several layers of complexity, which might is seem hard to get into. There is a lot of helpful material online, however, which makes the process of learning easy and fun.

The Arcana Homebase always has template characters available on site for people who do not want to build their own custom character yet.

Players of The Arcana Homebase will get access to D&D Beyond, an online character building tool, whenever they sign up for a session in The Arcana Homebase

Wizards of the Coast provided an overview video of how to build a character.

In the video below, you will find a more advances explanation of the process of character building.

What is Adventure League?

Currently playing: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

(Please note that the adventure league episodes are different from the D&D source campaigns)

Wizard of the Coast’s Adventure League is a organisation system for game stores and D&D clubs to run Dungeons and Dragons sessions for a large number of people.  

The stories of the Adventure League often reach a satisfying end within the same session they are introduced. There is low interconnectedness between the episodes, so you can drop in and out of the story according to your schedule. 

The Adventure League system makes sure that you can play in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, without having to be present every week! 

After finishing a session at The Arcana Homebase, your character will have received experience. At your next visit at the Arcana Homebase, that experience will carry over into the next session! 

Please keep track of your character’s inventory and the amount of experience you have received.  

Adventure League House Rules: 

  • All found gold and magic items will be collected in a party fund. At the end of the session, the gold will be shared evenly  over all players. Magic items will be distributed through a “Need before Greed” system. Players interested in a magic item will voice their interest. The player with the least amount of magic items will have priority. If all interested players have the same amount of magic items, a die is rolled to decide the outcome. 
  • Players can transfer any experience over to another created character! This is meant to improve experimentation with builds and identities. Anything placed in a character’s inventory may not be transferred, however. 
  • Every week, we will clear the Arcana Homebase campaigns on D&D beyond. This will not delete your character or their progress! Please rejoin a campaign every week you are visiting!