About the DMs

Here are a few of the DMs that lead the Dungeons & Dragons sessions

photo of Lucas standing in a field in a larp outfit

Lucas Maassen, 23, he/him

I’ve been playing roleplaying games since my early teens, and they’re my favourite creative outlet. I believe storytelling is a deep human need, and creating stories together is one of the most joyous things we can do! My play and gamemaster style is all about creativity. To me roleplaying games are about co-creating stories and making memories. Mechanics are great insofar they facilitate this and once we feel they don’t, well, rules were meant to be broken. At my table you can try anything and success or failure, we’ll find a way to weave it into the story. I love trying out new RPG systems, and bending old ones into new shapes. Recently I started LARPing as well, and it’s given me new insights into immersion and storytelling.

Hi! I’m Roos (she/her). In my day-to-day life I’m a media artist with a passion for digital human rights.

I’m brand new to DM’ing, but so far it has felt like a second nature. Within my artistic practice I always use game elements to put real life issues and consequences into perspective. Imagine we could slay Mark Zuckerberg like a dragon.

Hey all, I’m Em! I use they/them pronouns, and I absolutely love stories. Of course the best kind of story is one you can shape yourself, which tabletop roleplay is perfect for! I’ve been playing and DMing tabletop games like DnD and other systems for about 10 years now, and I’m not planning to stop any time soon.

When DMing I love to find little ways to make the world seem alive. I tend to gravitate to smaller, personal stories over bigger, world-saving ones. Of course, the beating heart of any adventure are you and your characters! I really enjoy creating moments for everyone to shine, and opportunities for all of us to keep creating the world together.

In my free time I love to dance, paint, and find great stories to read/watch/listen to.

I’m Rolf, a neorodiverse demisexual game- and interaction designer from Utrecht. I have been playing role playing games since the early odds. Starting of with D&D 3.0, went back to 2nd ed and bounced around a lot of different game systems to eventually settle on mostly D&D 5.0.
In my day to day I design life role playing games (LARPs) about social issues. And occasionally I make stuff, mostly bags, from leather.

I think that the interactive aspect of role playing games is key. The story that happens on the table should be co created with all the players and the DM. If I wanted to tell something without that interaction I would write a novel. So expect a lot of “how does your character react to this?” questions.

I have a slight movie obsession, and watch about 10 films a week.